Hoghiz is a locality situated in Brașov county, with a population of 2120 inhabitants.


Hoghiz (Warmwasser)

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45,98697 N, 25,30923 E

Hoghiz was inhabited as early as the Bronze Age. Charters from 1312 talk about Calida Aqua. The name comes from the hot water springs. These were used by the Romans who built a castle in the middle of the village. In the 1235 papal yearbook Hoghiz figures as a Catholic settlement. With the reformation of the church each inhabitant converted to the Unitarian religion, and later on when Bethlen Kata moved to the village they all became Reformed. Bethlen Kata was monarch Bethlen Gábor's sister. It was her literary work and collection of books that brought her fame but she is also known to have been the first woman doctor. The 520 books she left to the Reformed library of Aiud were unfortunately destroyed. She was also a militant for schools, encouraging a number of young people and supporting the education of girls. There were 30 girls living in her house. She gave many types of embroidery to the Reformed churches. She died in 1795. Kalnoky castle which includes a park,as well,dates back to the XII. century. Haller castle, the home of Bethlen Kata, also having a park was built in 1553. Today it functions as a school. Guthman-Valenta castle, built in the XVIth century, was bought by someone who started to renovate it. The Unitarian church was built in the XV century. Bogat valley, which is a forest reserve, is not far from Hoghiz. The pride of the place is a mini canyon in-between a basalt rock.

Hoghiz, sights

Villa Haller Bethlen-Haller fortress Haller manor Reformed church Unitarian Church Hoghiz Hoghiz, Photo: Cristache Kinga Hoghiz, Photo: Mészáros Nándor Hoghiz, Villa Haller, Photo: Szász Balázs Hoghiz, Haller manor, Photo: Szász Balázs Hoghiz, Reformed church, Photo: Aba Sylvester Hoghiz, Photo: Cristache Kinga Hoghiz, Photo: Szász Balázs Hoghiz, Villa Haller Hoghiz, Photo: Márkó László Hoghiz, Photo: Cristache Kinga Hoghiz, Photo: Mészáros Nándor Hoghiz, Photo: Szász Balázs Hoghiz, Photo: Szász Balázs Hoghiz, Photo: Szász Balázs

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