Moneasa is a locality situated in Arad county, with a population of 636 inhabitants.



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46,45692 N, 22,24959 E

Moneasa is situated on the river Moneasa at the piedmonts of the Massive Codru-Moma at a height of 290 m. It was firstly mentioned in documents in 1597. The date of foundation is 13 May 1886 as long as the Viennese minister of the interior accepts its name of medical baths in 1891. Getting in the property of count Wenckheim there are built buildings and a sunken railway Sebes-Moneasa. In 1895 the number of tourists that visited Moneasa achieved 2000. The bicarbonate springs, containing kalcium, magnesium, sodium, mesotermales (24-32C) are recommended for remediation of rheumatic disorders, of the peripheral and central nervous system, gynecological, of metabolic and nutritive disorders. In the health-resort there are hotels, bungalows, discotheques, bathing establishments, cake-shops, restaurants, bars, library, there is a lake with boats, all of these serving the recovery of those who have chosen this splendid region and not to forget about some touristical eye-marks that has to be seen: Liliecilor Cave (1 hour), Ursilou Cave (10 minutes), Cuptorul de fier (10 minutes), Piatra cu Lapte spring (20 minutes), the marble quarrier (45 minutes).

In Moneasa there is the grave of the famous nature lover Czárán Gyula who discovered several caves and realized several tourist routes in the Bihor Mountains.

At the Jumelt colony it can be seen an oven from the XIX century for iron meltage. It has a height of 10 m it was built of granite stone with brick facing. It also can be seen the holes for fire and for font effusion.

In front of the Mayor's office there is the "Monument of the rockman" dedicated to the workers from the marble quarrier. Here is extracted black and red marble that can be scraped using it in this way as columns or at pavements, stairs and balustrades or at monuments having straight lines.

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