Arieșeni is a locality situated in Alba county, with a population of 137 inhabitants.


Casa Moțului

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GPS Coordinates:
46,47976 N, 22,73173 E

New Year's Eve Offer with pig slaughter
5 nights/6days

28.12.2010 welcoming guests, accommodation, dinner

29.12.2010 breakfast (Swedish buffet), relax, lunch, participation to pig slaughter, dinner

30.12.2010 breakfast (Swedish buffet), relax, lunch, horse-drawn sleigh ride, campfire, diner

31.12.2010 breakfast (Swedish buffet), free time, lunch, carol show, festive dinner, New Year Eve all inclusive

01.01.2011 breakfast (Swedish buffet), lunch, recovery with sour soup and pickles, free time, dinner

02.01.2011 breakfast, prepare for departure

Free roundtrip transportation to the ski slope Vartop

Optional: a free trip to the choice between the Cave Bear and Roman galleries at Rosia Montana

Price: 350 Euro/person

Prices from children

free up to 8 years

between 8 and 14 years pay 150 euros and enjoy the same services as parents

over 14 years pay full price

The page of pension Casa Motului here

Arieseni, Sights

From here start, the marked routes

Arieșeni-Pietroasa Băița-Vârtop saddle-Arieșeni Arieșeni-Vârciorog waterfall

8 km away, from Gârda de Sus goes 2 pathway to the Pestera Scărișoara

Gârda de Sus-Mununa-Scărișoara Padiș - Gârda de Sus

On this way is the

Poarta lui Ionele cave Ordâncușii narrow

10 km away, from the Vârtop saddle, goes the pathway to the Ruginoasa Abyss

Vârtop saddle-Ruginoasa Abyss

Informations from the other marked pathways:

Interactive map of Apuseni Mountains Interactive table of Apuseni Mountain's marked pathways

Distance to the sights, situated in this area (max.150km)

8 km

Gârda de Sus * Accomodation * Wooden church (1792)

10 km

The ski-run Vârtop * Accomodation *

15 km


* Accomodation *

23 km

Albac * Accomodation * Orthodox church Ethnography museum

28 km


* Accomodation *

30 km

Horea * Accomodation * Mot house Ethnographic museum Horea memorial house Wooden church, Mătișești

32 km

Vadu Moților * Accomodation * Orthodox church Etnographyc museum Mills Wooden church Lăzești

37 km


43 km

Vașcău, cave Campaneasca, the periodical emergence from Calugari (DN76)

48 km

Vidra * Accomodation * Wooden church Goiești The snail hill - Nemes village Pisoaia Waterfall - Nemes village The church from Ciungi Gaina mountain

51 km


53 km

Hălmagiu (DN76) Ortodox church The old Ortodox church, from the XII-XIII century.

54 km

Roșia Montana

55 km

Avram Iancu - Memorial house and etnographyc museum

56 km

Beiuș (DN76) * Accomodation *

58 km

Lupsa * Accomodation * Lupșa monastery Stone church built in 1421 Ethnographyc museum

62 km


69 km

Huda of Papapra Cave

71 km

Țebea, Horea's oak and the grave of Avram Iancu. (DN76)

75 km

Copăceni, Wooden church (DN76)

77 km

Brad, The Gold Museum (DN76)

90 km

Scărița-Belioara Reservation

101 km

Hidișelu de Jos, Wooden church (DN76)

106 km

Băile Felix (DN76) * Accomodation *

113 km

Băile 1 Mai (DN76) * Accomodation *

118 km

Oradea * Accomodation *

120 km

Rimetea * Accomodation * Unitarian church Gellei Anna private museum Ida néni private museum Water-mill (1752) The oldest house of the village Folk art museum

From Rimetea a trail travels to the Szekler's Stone 1 1/2 h

Szekler's stone

124 km

Colțești The castle Coltesti Unitarian church Reformed church Catholic church Balázs Janó statue park Folk Art Museum

132 km

Turda with salt mines and old churches. The Turzii Gorge

This sights appears to the interactive maps road

road DN75 Lunca-Turda road DN76 Oradea-Deva

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