Brașov is the capital city of Brașov County and has 252.200 inhabitants.


Brașov, Weavers' Bastion

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45,63690 N, 25,58887 E

The bastion was built in two phases between 1421-1436 and 1570-1573. Part of it collapsed in 1701, thus it was reconstructed in 1750 and restored in 1910. The hexagon shaped building occupies 1.616 sq.metres and its thick (1.5-3m ) battered walls also have loopholes for pouring tar. On the ground floor there are crevices for cannons. On the interior side of the walls there are 3-4 storey hallways. In 1800 two other constructions were built for the guilt, while in 1807, when the bastion lost its protective function a watch house was built to the entrance. The year 1908 brings along changes and the bastion becomes the scene of more and more cultural events. Due to its excellent acoustic even opera nights were held here. Since 1950 it houses a museum. The permanent exhibition entitled 'Brasov castle and the Bársza country fortresses' displays weapons from the middle ages, products made by the guilds, the scale model of the city in the middle ages, made by Friedrich Herman in 1896, as well as the scale model of Schei.

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