With three ski slopes, Vârtop is one of the most important winter resorts in the Apuseni Mountains.


Vartop saddle

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GPS Coordinates:
46,51859 N, 22,66171 E

The Vârtop saddle (1160 m), the water balance between the Crisul Negru and Arieș rivers, is crossed by the national road DN75. The saddle is well-known by winter sports lovers, the strong sports base from Vârtop ski slopes, numerous tourist attractions and mountain trails attract tourists in all seasons.

Vertop saddle, Photo: WR Vârtop saddle - Bihorul peak, Photo: Tőrös Víg Csaba Vertop saddle, Photo: WR Vertop saddle, Photo: WR Arieșeni - Vârtop, Piatra Grăitoare ski-run, Photo: WR Arieșeni, Photo: WR Vertop saddle, Photo: Călin Munteanu Ruginoasa abbys, Photo: Sorin Stanciu Vertop saddle, Photo: Cselényi László Vertop saddle, Photo: Călin Munteanu Vertop saddle, Photo: WR Vertop saddle, Photo: Călin Munteanu

Acecessible from this hiking trails:

Vărășoaia-Vârtop Vârtop saddle - Bihorul peak Băița - Vârtop saddle Băița-Țapu peak-Vârtop Ștei - Vârtop saddle

From here start, the marked routes

7 km away, from Arieșeni goes

18 km away, from Gârda de Sus goes 2 pathway to the Pestera Scărișoara

On this way is the

Informations from the other marked pathways:

Distance to the sights, situated in this area (max.150km)

Arieșeni * Accomodation *

Gârda de Sus * Accomodation *

18 km


* Accomodation *

33 km

Vașcău, cave Campaneasca, the periodical emergence

35 km


* Accomodation *

43 km

Albac * Accomodation *

46 km

Beiuș * Accomodation *

50 km

Horea * Accomodation *

52 km

Vadu Moților * Accomodation *

52 km


57 km


65 km

Avram Iancu - Memorial house and etnographyc museum

65 km

Copăceni, Wooden church

66 km


68 km

Vidra * Accomodation *

71 km


74 km

Roșia Montana

78 km

Lupsa * Accomodation *

84 km

Țebea, Horea, secular oak, and the grave of Avram Iancu

89 km

Huda of Papapra Cave

91 km

Brad, The Gold Museum

91 km

Hidișelu de Jos, Wooden church

97 km

Băile Felix * Accomodation *

100 km

Băile 1 Mai * Accomodation *

110 km

Scărița-Belioara Reservation

109 km

Oradea * Accomodation *

140 km

Rimetea * Accomodation *

From Rimetea a trail travels to the Szekler's Stone 1 1/2 h

144 km


152 km

Turda with salt mines and old churches.

This sights appears to the interactive maps road

road DN75 Lunca-Turda road DN76 Oradea-Deva

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