Sibiu is the capital city of Sibiu County and has 147.226 inhabitants.


Sibiu, The Ursuline Church

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45,79833 N, 24,15561 E

The Ursuline church, the former Dominican church, was built in 1474, when the Dominicans moved inside the fortification. In 1543, after the Dominicans departed, the confessionists lived here and in 1755 the Ursuline sisters received the building. With the financial support from Maria Theresa the church was renovated in baroque style. You can observe the Gothic style on the outside walls, the entrance and the lateral chapel. Until 1949 the Ursuline nunnery was functioning inside the cloister. Then the cloisters and schools whole fortune had been secularized. All the petitions to regain their possessions were in vain.

Sibiu european capital of culture 2007 The Ursuline Church, Sibiu·, Photo: Andrei Popa The Ursuline Church, Sibiu· The Ursuline Church, Sibiu·, Photo: Michael Bodea The Ursuline Church, Sibiu·, Photo: Ovidiu Sopa The Ursuline Church, Sibiu·, Photo: Ovidiu Sopa

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