GPS: 45.60172 N, 24.61117 E

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Bâlea Lake - Paltinului saddle

Relief > Southern Carpathians > Făgăraş mountain

Duration: 45 min
Length: km
Height difference: +339 m
Note: Dangerous in the winter

The blue streak trails lead us around the valley of lake Balea on the northern side of Paltinul. After about 20 minutes we pass above the tunnel of the transfagaras road and start climbing on the northern side of Paltinul. The section before the pass turns mild. There is a crossroads of the trails on the grass covered Paltinu pass, since the road marking the main ridge crosses here.

To west, Negoiu peak

To east, Caprei saddle

The Tunnel (height above sea-level max.2025m, length 887m) Panorama din şa Paltinului saddle Paltinului vale, Photo: Ştefan Puşcaşu