Arieșeni is a locality situated in Alba county, with a population of 137 inhabitants.



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GPS Coordinates:
46,47675 N, 22,75436 E

It's at the height of 950 m is a start point for the carg and climbing routes of the Western Mountains. In wintertime it has the most famous slope of the Western mountains. The Vartop slope has a length of 1000m with 200 m difference of height having a ski-lift of 750 pres/h transport capacity and utilities for maintaining the snow. The normal duration of the ski-season is from December to March. The ski run is illuminated on its whole length. In Arieseni there are accommodation possibilities in villas having kitchens that you can use and bathrooms. The residents are hospitable. Nightlife is intensive having a lot of bars and discotheques.

Arieșeni , Photo: WR Arieșeni , Photo: WR Arieșeni , Photo: WR Arieșeni , Photo: WR Arieșeni , Photo: WR Arieșeni , Photo: WR Arieșeni Arieșeni , Photo: WR Arieșeni , Photo: WR Arieșeni , Photo: WR Arieșeni , Photo: WR

Arieșeni, Sights

Wood church Varciorog waterfall

From here start, the marked routes

8 km away, from Gârda de Sus goes 2 pathway to the Pestera Scărișoara

On this way is the

10 km away, from the Vârtop saddle, goes the pathway to the Ruginoasa Abyss

Informations from the other marked pathways:

Distance to the sights, situated in this area (max.150km)

Gârda de Sus * Accomodation *

10 km

The ski-run Vârtop * Accomodation *

15 km


* Accomodation *

23 km

Albac * Accomodation *

28 km


* Accomodation *

30 km

Horea * Accomodation *

32 km

Vadu Moților * Accomodation *

37 km


43 km

Vașcău, cave Campaneasca, the periodical emergence from Calugari (DN76)

48 km

Vidra * Accomodation *

51 km


53 km

Hălmagiu (DN76)

54 km

Roșia Montana

55 km

Avram Iancu - Memorial house and etnographyc museum

56 km

Beiuș (DN76) * Accomodation *

58 km

Lupsa * Accomodation *

62 km


69 km

Huda of Papapra Cave

71 km

Țebea, Horea's oak and the grave of Avram Iancu. (DN76)

75 km

Copăceni, Wooden church (DN76)

77 km

Brad, The Gold Museum (DN76)

90 km

Scărița-Belioara Reservation

101 km

Hidișelu de Jos, Wooden church (DN76)

106 km

Băile Felix (DN76) * Accomodation *

113 km

Băile 1 Mai (DN76) * Accomodation *

118 km

Oradea * Accomodation *

120 km

Rimetea * Accomodation *

From Rimetea a trail travels to the Szekler's Stone 1 1/2 h

124 km


132 km

Turda with salt mines and old churches.

This sights appears to the interactive maps road

road DN75 Lunca-Turda road DN76 Oradea-Deva

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